Preparing for Surgery

As soon as your surgery is scheduled, our staff begins communicating with you and your physician’s office. If appropriate, we can arrange for you to tour our facility in advance and provide assistance in the completion of insurance and billing forms. A nurse from the center will call you at least one day before your scheduled surgery to assess your specific needs and concerns, give you instructions and answer your questions.


Be sure to mention any daily medications you are taking, especially for heart, diabetes or blood pressure problems. If you cannot be reached by phone, please be sure to call your surgery center no later than the day prior to your surgery:

Bailey Square Surgery Center: (512) 454-6753

Bailey Square Surgery Center: (512) 454-6753

Central Park Surgery Center: (512) 323-2061

North Austin Surgery Center: (512) 832-9088

Oakwood Surgery Center: (512) 246-4404

San Marcos Surgery Center: (512) 754-8999

St. David’s Austin Surgery Center: (512) 901-8340

South Austin Surgery Center: (512) 440-7894

Surgicare of South Austin: (512) 416-6006

Austin Endoscopy Center - North: (512) 371-1519

Austin Endoscopy Center - South: (512) 532-8000

Austin Endoscopy Center - Beecave: (737) 207-7617

CAREOS: (512) 458-4391

Please be sure to talk to your doctor about any daily medication you are currently taking, especially for heart, diabetes or blood pressure problems; be sure to mention any over-the-counter drugs such as Aspirin, Bufferin, Nuprin, Advil, Motrin or herb supplement. Your doctor will give you instructions about taking any medication prior to surgery.

Guidelines to Follow Before Your Surgery

It is very important to follow all of the instructions given to you from your physician’s office. For your safety, please follow the food and beverage guidelines listed below for your surgery. These times are based on your scheduled arrival time to the Surgery Center.

Food or Drink Minimum Fasting Period (Based on scheduled arrival time)
Clear Liquids (water, fruit juices without pulp, carbonated beverages, sport drinks such as Gatorade, clear tea and black coffee; maximum of 12 ounces allowed in the last hour of “allowed to drink” time 2 hours
Breast Milk 4 hours
Infant Formula 6 hours
Nonhuman Milk 6 hours
Regular Meal (all other food items are considered a regular meal)
8 hours

Things to Remember on the Day of Your Surgery

Here is a checklist for the day of your surgery.

  • Please remember to bring any necessary forms or information that has been requested, such as insurance information, name and phone number of whom to contact about your condition, list of medications that you normally take, and the dosage (you may leave the medications at home).
  • Please do not wear jewelry or body piercing and do not bring money or items of value with you to surgery. We are not responsible for lost valuables.
  • You should wear glasses instead of contacts or bring a contact lens container for storage during surgery.
  • Please do not wear makeup, particularly mascara, the morning of your surgery.
  • Because of special equipment that is used during surgery to check circulation, please do not wear nail polish.
  • Please inform the nurse if you wear dentures, or a partial plate, or any other prosthesis. You may be asked to remove them before surgery.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing that can be easily removed and folded.
  • It is best that you shower or bathe prior to your surgery, do not use lotions or powders.
  • For outpatient surgery patients, please make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for a minimum of 24 hours. You will not be able to drive or take public transportation (bus, taxi, etc.) unaccompanied for at least 24 hours. 

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